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Toddler Curriculum

The Toddler Program at Montessori of Ladera Ranch is a specialized curriculum for children ages 24 to 36 months, serving as a preparatory program for transition into a Montessori preschool. Children are exposed to Practical Life activities and the beginnings of the Sensorial materials which are appropriate for the emergent two-year-old. Water work, puzzles, math activities, manipulatives, and language tasks round out the choices available during the daily work time. The concept of grace and courtesy is introduced and implemented during morning snack and lunchtime.

Each month, the children explore a different Color of the Month, Book of the Month, and Song of the Month. The work activities, art projects, and circle time selections all reinforce the monthly curriculum. The ratio in the classroom is one-to-six; i.e., one teacher per six children, ensuring that children who have not yet had an academic experience will make a successful transition into a group care environment. Toilet training is also an important component of the Toddler Program and teachers work closely with parents to guarantee a painless progression to independent toileting.