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For the last four years, Montessori of Ladera Ranch has provided our children with an environment of excellence.  They are constantly being challenged, nurtured, and encouraged to live up to their academic and social potential.

As parents, we have experienced the upmost professionalism, respect, and consideration from administration, teachers and staff.

We would highly recommend the school to all families that desire the perfect balance of academic structure and opportunity for creativity and self-expression for their children.

David & Mari Dragonetti

When we first toured MOLR and saw the classroom for the Toddler Program, all of the kids were sitting quietly in a circle listening to a story while our 2 year old son began excitedly running around and loudly playing with all of the educational toys. During this time, we were told about how all the kids nap each day. Our initial reaction was that our son would never be able to sleep at school let alone sit quietly in a circle for lessons like the other children. We clearly did not believe the teacher when she responded that he would indeed act like that after a little transition period.  Well, low and behold, our son does nap at school, participates in activities and can be quiet when needed!

Within a week’s time of starting school, the teachers had already evaluated our son’s skills and needs and he was moved to the Preschool Program where he has fallen in love with his teachers. For all parents, having your child be in a safe, educational and nurturing environment is very important. That has definitely been found at MOLR. Most, if not all, of the teaching and administrative staff, even those not assigned to his particular classroom, know our son along with his interests, dislikes and all which we believe to be a tribute to how much everyone there cares about the students. From our experience, this extends not only from their half and full day school programs, but also into their day care programs as well. Moreover, they offer numerous different after school programs of which the Sports Class is our son’s favorite and a good introduction into all of the different sports.

The Hallack Family

We joined the family back in June of 2016.  Our Daughter had never had any daycare experience so we were hesitant and worried about how she would adjust.  Like all first time mom’s, I think I had a harder time than she did adjusting.  Luckily though, the family environment that has been created at MOLR helped me through.  By the second day of a few moms seeing me having a rough time they assured me that everything was going to be fine.  They even helped get me updates during the day if they had peeked in.  This sense of “family” is what I think, makes MOLR leaps and bounds above everyone else.  I haven’t even gotten to the teachers and the wonderful programs that are in place for all of the children.  The teaching staff is truly amazing and the positive changes and growth we’ve see in our daughter are really remarkable.  We look forward to continuing our daughter’s education for years to come with MOLR.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our family!

The Frederic's

We absolutely love Montessori of Ladera Ranch!  We have sent both of our boys there for the past 2 years.  It is fun to watch them progress under this great style of learning.  The teachers and staff are professional and passionate about what they do.  They take excellent care of our children and instill great values within them, while at the same time teaching them valuable school lessons and curriculum.

Rocco & Michell Mastrangelo

We couldn’t possibly be more grateful that our friend recommended Montessori of Ladera Ranch to us. Our daughter is in preschool and absolutely loves the program, all the friends she’s made and, of course, her kind and dedicated teachers. She has learned so much — we are blown away by her ever-increasing knowledge and social skills. The director and teachers have been extremely accommodating and supportive. The school provides a beautiful, fun and clean environment. I could go on and on about how wonderful our experience has been, from the special Mother’s and Father’s Day breakfasts to the creative projects and enriching education my daughter gets to enjoy each week. We are just extremely grateful that we were introduced to this school and feel it’s been an invaluable experience for our daughter.

The Yoder family